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QT5-15 Block Machine in Chile

Time: August 15, 2021  |  Source: HF Machinery

This is the third automatic production line we installed in Chile. This machine is a QT5-15 brick making machine. It has been running smoothly for 5 years. It is our customer’s second production line. Fortunately, the customer’s first production line is also QT5-15 Brick Making Machine.

The machine is still working. Every day it produces more than 1,000 boards of bricks, helping customers get a lot of large orders. The QT5-15 brick making machine is a fully automatic hydraulic model that can produce more than 1,000 8-inch hollow bricks per day. The most popular one is the one-meter-long curbstone. This machine is one of the most suitable models for producing curbstones.

Customer feedback is to visit our factory three times in China and choose to cooperate with our company twice. Undoubtedly, customers are satisfied with the quality and service of our machines. More importantly, our machines help customers make money. It is a high-efficiency industry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We not only provide you with brick making machines, but also provide customers with factory building, installation and after-sales service.

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