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How to choose the right small block making machine - Features and advantages of small block making machine

Time: December30, 2021  |  Source: HF Machinery

If you want to start your block making machine business, then you probably have some questions in your head like:What is the approximate size of the factory? Where is the best place to locate the factory? What are the raw materials to be prepared for block making? What model of block making machine is more suitable to buy at the beginning?

If the factory is just starting to operate, or the factory investment is relatively small, most owners will choose a small block making machine to make the transition. Then we will analyze it from two aspects -- the characteristics and advantages of small block machines

The characteristics of small block machines are:

1.       Simple structure

2.       convenient operation

3.       small footprint

4.       stable and reliable performance

5.       easy maintenance

Therefore, we can analyze the advantages of small block machines:

1.    Manual operation and control are simple and easy for workers to get started

2.    The machine is small and easy to transport, and its site can be changed at any time

3.    The molds are easy to replace. You can change the grinding tool to produce various specifications of blocks, and customize the blocks with special shapes according to the user's requirements

4.    Automatic board feeding and forced fabric to improve production efficiency. Small investment, high return.

5.    The raw materials are abundant and can be seen everywhere:slag, sand, crushed stone, aluminum red slag, electrolytic copper slag, construction waste, fly ash, volcanic slag, and other raw materials.

For example, QT4-35 block making machine of our company is made of Q235 steel, which can make the body have high strength and long service life. When the machine is running, the block is made by hydraulic vibration, and the vibration power is very sufficient, which can make the concrete brick made of high density and high strength. When the machine is running, the hydraulic vibration makes the brick shape, and the vibration force is very sufficient, which makes the concrete brick meet the requirements of high density and high strength. And the independence of each unit of the machine is very strong, through adjusting the different ratio of raw materials and molds can produce a variety of block products.

In addition, because of its small body, it can be flexibly moved according to the actual situation. And the operation is simple, the workers get started operation is particularly fast, which is loved by many block factory owners, and is also the first choice for most customers to invest and build factories in the early stage.

After reading these, you may already know something about small block making machine. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with professional answers.

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