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Block Making Machine

Time: November 22th,2022  |  Source: HF Machinery

Block making machine is machines used in the production of various concrete blocks. By using different molds, blocks can be produced in desired shapes and sizes. There are block machines with different working properties according to usage areas and production capacities.

Block making machine; It can produce in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic modes of operation. With the advancement of technology, these machines, which can now work with the automation system, can produce at high capacity in less time.

Briquette Machine

The briquette machine is the machinery used in the production of various briquettes used in the construction and building industry. By using different molds, briquettes can be produced in desired sizes and shapes. Briquette machines work in three different ways. These;

production can be made. Manual briquette machines are produced by working together with manpower and machinery. It is generally used by companies with less production. It is common in countries where manpower cost is low. It is suitable for use by newly established small-scale companies.

Block Making Machine

Semi-automatic briquette machines require little manpower during briquette production. These machines, which are not fully automatic, are suitable for medium-level production companies. Usage areas are generally production facilities. In these facilities where there are fixed machines, there should be mixers, belts, product transport trolleys and molds.

Fully automatic briquette machines are preferred by companies with high production capacities. High capacities can be produced without the need for manpower. Thanks to their powerful engines, they can make mass production 24 hours a day. It has computer-aided automation systems and briquette production is carried out more easily and effortlessly.

Briquette Machine Features

Due to the high production capacity of briquette machines, they are preferred to be used in long-term projects and large production facilities. Working characteristics are determined according to the areas used or in line with the requests of the customers. Generally, manual briquette machines are preferred in countries where the manpower cost is low, while semi-automatic or fully automatic briquette machines are preferred by mass production companies.

“Manual Briquette Machine”

“Automatic Briquette Machine”

Block Making Machine Prices

In order for the concrete blocks to meet the universally determined standards, the machine is constantly monitored during the testing phase. Before the raw material is filled into the mixer’s chamber, it is weighed on electronic precision scales. The amount of water to be added when combining sand and gravel is measured by ultrasonic sensors. In other words, the amount of water required for the mixture is determined by automatic systems while the mortar is being produced.

Briquette machines produced by HF are produced according to different production capacities. We carry out our production meticulously so that there are no problems in the production of your company. We provide the necessary support to the companies by our technical support teams not only during the sale but also after the sale . You can also reach us from our contact addresses to get detailed information about the briquette machines you need.

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